Beliefs, norms, life principles and traditional culinary of Buginese and Makassarese

This course will introduce International Summer Course students of Universitas Muslim Indonesia to the two major cultures in South Sulawesi, namely Buginese and Makassares.  Beliefs, norms and life principles which are held and followed by Buginese and Makassares people will be discussed. We will explore the unique and popular Buginese and Makassarese culinary as well as the cultural values of the traditional food in Buginese and makassarese cultures

How To Greet and Start Conversation in Bahasa Indonesia
Greetings are the most important language in conducting communication activities because they are very useful for starting communication activities, not only to friends, family, but also to people we do not know. In the communication activities, the use of greeting words should be appropriate. This is in line with the function of using the greeting words, namely to greet and even start a conversation with the speech partner. With the use of the greeting words in the communication activities, it can be known to whom the speech or greeting is addressed.
Kajang People: How to live in a harmony with nature and their natural conservation

In South Sulawesi there are 4 major ethnic groups, Bugis, Makassar, Mandar, and Tator. This course will be focusing on one of the most interesting cultures of Bugis and Makassar practices in a village called Kajang. The center of the village applies really traditional and unique rules such as no modern devices in the premises and everything must be conducted in traditional ways. One thing which also really unique and worth of being learnt and spread to world is their traditional rules to preserve their forest.

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Padang Lampe boarding as the way to find self-harmony for the lecturers and students

Universitas Muslim Indonesia has unique curriculum where all students have to participate in one month boarding program in a place called Padang Lampe. This course will explain about the boarding program and the activities during the program. Also, how this program will guide the students to find their self-harmony which will lead them to find balance of mind, heart, and physic.

Technological Wisdom Behind Phinisi and Paddewakkang Traditional Boat Building Art (an introduction)

This course is designed to provide knowledge about nationally and internationally well-known history and cultures of South Sulawesi. The lecture is divided into online and offline. The online lecture will be given as the introduction whereas the offline(field study) which the main course will be given directly by pandrita, the boat builder, in the student’s visit in February 2021. 

Phinisi boat is an existing signature of Bugis and Makassar people that has been a pride not only local people but also Indonesian people. The boat building art has earned its acknowledgment by UNESCO as the world heritage as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in Desember 2017.

  • Enrolled students: 7